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Donate a Green Connect Veg Box to Good Will Only Pop Up Restaurant.

Join us in providing fresh, local produce to the Good Will Only ‘pay as you feel’ restaurant that has opened in Wollongong for the month of June.

Of course, we want our nourishing produce to benefit all walks of life, but just donating a box of vegetables to someone who doesn’t have a kitchen to prepare it in, or doesn’t know how to prepare it, simply isn’t good enough. Thanks to Scott and his team at Good Will Only, we can donate our vegetables and a team of talented local chefs will volunteer their time to create delicious meals. Any leftover food will be served at Wollongong Homeless Hub soup kitchen.

By donating a box, you are not only supporting this amazing initiative, you are also supporting Green Connect and the staff that we employ to grow, harvest and care for our vegetables.

Choose your donation:

$30 Small veg box

$45 Regular Veg Box

$55 Large Veg Box

(any amount is welcome and will be added together to make up suitable veg box)

So please join us in donating produce to keep this amazing initiative going.

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible and Green Connect will supply a donation receipt.

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The Good Will Restaurant is located at 64 Crown-street, Wollongong and will be operating for the whole month of June between 5 pm and 8 pm every day. Everyone is welcome, the idea is to bring people from all walks of life together to eat at the same table, and if you can, you pay and if you can’t, you don’t. This is a great community event put on by the collective who own Dagwood, Howlin’ Wolf plus Births and Deaths (trading under the Good Times Only banner).


To find out more you can visit their facebook page:


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